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1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of the system

Every semester, students spend a lot of money and time on finding and selling textbooks. Therefore, the main purpose behind our system is to facilitate this process significantly. This involves the design of a web application which consists of a user-friendly social network for selling, buying, lending and discussing books online. McGill Students will benefit from the variety of important features that will remove the need for inefficient traditional advertising methods.
1.2. Scope of the system
Each user can create a personal profile which includes contact information and is only accessed after the user logs in using a distinct username and password combination. The several combinations are stored in a database that contains all the users’ information. Additionally, users will be able to post books for sale or search the database for a certain book according to different categories. Searches can be done on the title, author’s name, or ISBN basis. One may also choose to lend a book to a person which is on the friend’s list. Only administrators are allowed to change certain characteristics such as the interface. They will also be in charge of the maintenance tasks and the updating process.
1.3. Objectives and success criteria
 Produce a working web application that fulfills the purpose of the system.
 The system will connect to a database which stores the book listings with the associated information.
 This system will connect to a database which stores the users’ information.
 The user will be able to add, edit, and remove entries from the database as long as he has the authority.
 The system will provide a searching method based on book parameters such as titles, author’s name or ISBN number.
 The system will provide a user-friendly interface.
1.4. Assumptions
Due to the nature of this project and the clients, a detailed original system description was not provided by the clients. Therefore these specifications were determined by the team to best suit the clients’ needs.

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